A made in Italy Cardano Stake Pool

to make the world a better place

IPIB 1000:1 Charity Giveaway to

Key facts

Long term commitment to Cardano - 0% margin fee - Member of Mission Driven Pools - Based in Italy

The masterplan

Phase 1 - Mint the block! [DONE!]

We concentrate in having the pool running smoothly, keeping the costs as low as possible, 0% margin fee and 100% rewards, until the first block is minted. Charity bootstrap with the 1000:1 giveaway to Save the Children.

Phase 2 - Growth!

After the first milestone is reached, the 1000:1 charity giveaway will continue until we reach about 1M ADA delegated. Monthly donations up to 1000ADA will be made. Margin fee stays at 0%.

Phase 3 - Charity!

The pool is self sustaining. It's time to reach out and help other people. The margin fee will be set at 1.9% and at least 25% of the pool rewards will support charity programs, selected by pool delegators. With Cardano we make the world a better place!

Our Mission

True decentralization

True decentralization is achieved only if the network is made of robust and independent nodes, geographically distributed across the globe. IPIB is based in Italy, with servers hosted in two of the most reliable data centers of our country. The pool structure features two relays that feed the block producer. The storage of every machine is fully replicated off-site to enable disaster recovering.

Make the world a better place

A stake pool can be a powerful tool to amplify what individuals alone can do, with regard to helping those in need. Together we can have a bigger impact than we could have by acting alone. That's why we are committed in giving a significant part of the pool rewards to charity and encourage other pool operators to do the same.


Why stake with IPIB

IPIB is run by dedicated Cardano enthusiasts in Italy, trying to push the idea of true decentralization, so that Cardano can change the world.

  • We've selected to host our servers on Italy's most reliable server farm located in Tuscany, with a track record of 100% uptime since the launch in July 2011. The datacenter is powered by 100% certified green energy. The second relay is in a separate data center near Milan.
  • We believe in Cardano as the most promising, truly adoptable and sustainable blockchain. That's where passionate people like us around the world can make the difference. 
  • Starting the pool when the currency value is around 1$ is difficult, but we accepted the challenge. We have a 15k ADA pledge and our commitment is to devolve all the rewards back into the pledge to the pool.
  • We are listed in Adafolio, under the Charity and Italian pool groups.
  • We are members of the Mission Driven Pools collective. 58 pools represented, over 80 projects supported and more than 35000$ donated so far!

Join us and be a part of the next big thing!