IPIB Charity Giveaway


With IPIB pool we have a plan made of 3 phases:

  1. Mint the block!
  2. Growth!
  3. Charity!

But to reach #3 we need to get to #1 and #2 first and it will take longer than we wanted to begin giving to those in need. So we had and idea, to bootstrap the pool and charity at the same time!

The thing is simple: for every 1000ADA in stake, we give 1ADA to Save the Children, EVERY MONTH!

We are not using the rewards to donate, the delegators will receive full rewards, thanks to the 0% margin fee we’ll keep during phase 1 and 2. It’s our money, not yours that go to charity.

What’s the catch? No catch, you stake, we donate. Every month . Until we’ll reach 1M ADA in stake and phase 3 of the masterplan kicks in.

Here’s the challenge: make us donate as much as possible, just stake with IPIB . With 1M ADA in stake, we’ll give 1000ADA each month to Save the Children.

When do we start? We already did , check on our giveaway page where you can download the bank receipt of the donation. We are not waiting to get rewards, we are serious about this and you can help us make the difference. Help us donate.

Happy staking from IPIB!