The great giveaway

Our first action to make the world a better place

How it works

It's plain and simple: for every 1000ADA staked in the pool, we'll give 1ADA to Save the Children, every month!
Yes, just like that.
We are not taking the money from the rewards, we are using our money to donate, the delegators will get maximum rewards with 0% margin fee.
Let's make things even clearer, with some examples: 
if by end of the month we have 100000ADA in active stake, we'll give 100ADA to Save the Children;
if by end of the month we have 500000ADA in active stake, we'll give 500ADA to Save the Children;
if by end of the month we have 1000000ADA in active stake, we'll give 1000ADA to Save the Children.
 So this is the challenge: make us give our money to charity, begin staking now!

Why are we doing this? In our masterplan, phase 3 is "Charity", to make the world a better place. But to get to phase 3 we need to reach phase 1 and 2 and that takes time away from doing the important thing, so we are stuck in a loop. So we had the idea to bootstrap charity and the pool at the same time.
When does it start? It's already started, the first donation has been made and proof can be downloaded below.
When will the giveaway stop? When we reach 1M ADA in active stake, than we switch to phase 3 of the plan. If we surpass the 1M threshold we'll make the last 1000ADA donation and then switch to phase 3.

Why Save the Children

Save the Childern is an international association that works to improve the condition of children all over the world.  With dedicated staff across 117 countries, they respond to major emergencies, deliver innovative development programs and ensure children's voices are heard through our campaigning to build a better future for and with children. For more info, visit the website:
Now it's possible to donate on-chain, thanks to the collaboration between Cardano, COTI and Save the Children, just use this link.